Ways to Size Yourself for a Katana


As a seasoned Iaido trainer, I get many students in my class who go into the program with katana swords that aren't the right fit for them. Since Iaido is the art of removing the katana from the sheath (saya), striking, and then replacing the sword in the saya all in a fluid controlled movement, blade length is important.

I'll even admit that my first katana was much too big for me resulting in an unexpected cut to my left hand. Luckily nothing too serious but it did alter my outlook from having a katana that looks nice to one that actually fits the purpose planned for the training I was registered in.

When working with a sharp 26"+ blade, safety is a main focus of mine therefore I've altered my registration procedure to notify incoming students of the sizing computations prior to starting class. Get more helpful information about learning brazilian jiu jitsu from this amazing website www.crazy88mma.com .

How does having a sword too long impact safety?

Not having the correct length katana can cause problem in the control of the blade thrusts as well as incorrect depth understandings. Exactly what I mean by 'incorrect depth understanding' is that if the blade is too long it becomes easy for one to underestimate the reach it will have while in training. If your real blade length reaches farther than what you view it will reach you can easily harm yourself or others participating in the training with you.

How to size the blade

There are numerous techniques for sizing and depending upon the sensei you speak with each may recommend a various sizing method. There are two factors to consider to make when sizing a katana; the deal with (tsuka) length and the blade length.

1.) To size the tsuka place your arm to your side with your forearm straight ahead so that your elbow makes a 90 degree angle. Now use a tape measure to determine the length from your elbow to the base of your wrist. This is approximately how long your tsuka needs to be. If you're tsuka is too long it can disrupt your movement and get caught on your side triggering the blade to slip.

2.) For determining blade length the approach I have discovered to work best and suggest my students to follow is a height to blade length ratio chart (one can be seen below in the resources section). If you are 5' 2" tall your blade length must be 27.5" and for each 2" in height include a half inch to the blade length.

If you're still uncertain about exactly what length to get you can constantly start off Iaido training with a Bokken, a wooden training sword. I actually suggest this since it enables you to familiarize yourself with the art without doing so at the risk of hurting yourself or others around you.

Now keep in mind that these sizing methods are merely my approach for sizing my students and you ought to consult your sensei on the proper length prior to acquiring a katana.

A Quick Look at BoguKumite Kickboxing

The more you find out about karate and kickboxing, the more likely it is that you're going to be impressed by the exceptional number of varieties that exist within these concepts. BoguKumite kickboxing is possibly one of the most intriguing offshoots of kickboxing.

This design of kickboxing could certainly be referred to as full contact. While it has a number of similarities to other forms of karate and kickboxing, there are most certainly a couple of aspects that permit this specific brand of fight to stand all by itself.

In order to comprehend the differences between BoguKumite kickboxing and other types of kickboxing, it is essential to understand the singular components that this style delights in. It is also definitely worth valuing a few of the history behind BoguKumite, which is a reasonably brand-new variation of kickboxing and karate.

Taking On The World Of BoguKumite Kickboxing

In terms of popularity, BoguKumite is perhaps not as big in stature as other forms of kickboxing. It is definitely not as popular as knockdown kickboxing. Nevertheless, it has a rich tradition as a competitive entity. This custom stretches back a great number of years.

With BoguKumite karate, you're going to want to note that it has relatively close ties with a few of the more conventional types of Okinawan karate. These forms include Shorin-ryu, Isshin-ryu, and Chito-ryu. From this fact alone, we can understand that both the kickboxing and the karate have strong connections to the history of karate, particularly in the Okinawa area.

BoguKumite kickboxing is another type of continuous competition. It is categorized by being a kind of complete competition kickboxing, which also uses heavy cushioning to guarantee each competitor is totally secured. It is comprehended that this kind of padding has its origins in the armor and helmets that were used by the Japanese kendo.

The Bottom Line

BoguKumite kickboxing has the capability to offer a lot to those who want pursuing its particulars. It is extremely distinctly an extraordinary, long-lasting type of kickboxing.

JeetKune Do Benefits - Benefits of Learning This Martial Art

JeetKune Do is a martial art that was created by the famous Bruce Lee in the late 1960s. It means "Way of the Intercepting Fist" and is a modification of numerous conventional martial arts, primarily the Chinese system of combating called Wing Chun, in addition to Western style boxing and fencing. There are quite a few benefits to learning this specific martial art, and they flow from Bruce Lee's belief that a fighter must never ever be bound by standard guidelines and should rather be able to use any technique that fits the scenario.

JeetKune Do is significant in that it encourages adaptability to any situation. It is reasonably simple to protect oneself from assaulters when one is trained to use react to the circumstance at hand rather of counting on fixed strategies. In fact, this is the ideal martial art for street combating. Further, this combating design can be practiced by people of all ages and levels of physical fitness since the fighting style is extremely refined and requires the fighter to do feints that put the challenger off guard and to conserve energy whilst fighting. The primary advantage of this martial art is that it is perfect for regular people who want to feel safe as they set about their daily lives.

Another benefit of learning this style of combating is that it enhances balance and flexibility rather of simply focusing on power. As an outcome, the person who practices it benefits from improved co-ordination. A person who practices this martial art frequently will also acquire a fantastic deal of confidence that comes from the capability to look after oneself.

JeetKune Do lacks doubt an excellent martial art to learn however one has to commit time and energy to mastering it. It is necessary to obtain trained from a trusted and experienced instructor or else one might lose out on the subtleties of this fighting design. It is safe to state that an individual who has actually taken the problem to learn this martial art effectively and to practice it frequently will be relatively unequalled in a street battle.